Swimming in Chocolate

These are busy times! Last week I went to Hershey, PA for a hair show. Amish country (Lancaster, PA) is beautiful, rolling green hills and old world charm! I even saw a horse and buggy! The rain was so bad that I had to pullover on the drive home. Fortunately an outlet mall helped me pass the time :) Although my suitcase is unpacked it is time to repack it because I go to Orlando next week. Thanks to the the torrential downpours in Pennsylvania I have 2 new bathing suits and can't wait to use them in sunny Florida!


Shooting in location #2
Shooting in location #2

Other than traveling I have been keeping busy locally. Last week I had my first speaking role in a video for a medical textbook publisher. It was a fun learning experience! Most of the team worked together before so it was also reunion. You can see the last video I did for that company here.


This week I will be working on mailing out comp cards and maybe making another video and making some updates to this website. Until next time...

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