Keeping the Class in Classified

This is the second part of Spelling Isn't Everything But... 


Classified ads are my favorite way to find jobs on my own. Looking for gigs puts you in control of how much you work. Taking an active role in your career helps to determine how far you will go.


It can be difficult to tell the legitimate jobs from the fluff here are some tips:

  1. Avoid ads that say "no experience necessary". Think about it; why would a client want to hire  model with no experience? Either someone is trying to take advantage of the situation or there are adult themes involved in the project.
  2. Ads that say 18+ usually involve some form of nudity. 
  3. There are 3 ways to submit for a job posting. Call a phone number, email submission, mail submission, or in-person casting call. Texting a photo of yourself to a potential client is not a good way to start a working relationship. Be suspicious of ads that ask you to text a photo to a cellphone in order to submit for a job. This is unprofessional and NOT the industry standard.
  4. Pay attention to the reply-to email address and phone number. 
  5. Why would an ad ask for a model type? Models are not in short supply. Sometimes this may be a legitimate job posting but expect it to be an actual job and not a gig. Often times companies will try to hire attractive staff for secretarial or sales positions. That would be a job but not a modeling gig. Then sometimes the "job" is something bazaar such as “looking for someone to give a person a message” in their home once per week or “looking someone to take on a vacation as a companion”. Neither one of the last 2 scenarios is safe.
  6. If an ad is written in short hand or has spelling or grammar errors take that as a sign that the person who posted the ad may not be very business savvy.

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