I met a Star...

Today I shot with Jon and Renee in the backwoods on New Jersey. Although Jon Stars was the official photographer we shot in his friend Jon's studio. Both were there along with Renee and me. It was confusing being in the presence of 2 Jon's who both spell their name the same way! The studio was on a farm right behind the main house. The setting was so beautiful but unfortunately we only shot in the actual studio. In the building that held the studio there was a room full of the antiques that Jon's dad collects. It was a very interesting shooting location!


Renee does airbrush which gives fantastic, flawless results. It is so strange when the sprayer is near your nose. It feels like you can't breathe. But in my opinion airbrush gives the best makeup application, second being MAC. While Renee sprayed and painted me I kept falling asleep in the chair. Beauty shots was the theme. We had great fun!


July is looking great so far. I will be doing some work in Baltimore for a few weekends toward the end of the month. Earlier than that I will be in my second home, Philly, working on some projects. First Philly, then Baltimore then Atlanta in August. Atlanta, I know you are missing me like I am missing you!!!

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