Pouring Bad News

They say "When it rains it pours". Right now it's pouring bad news. Tomorrow I hope to get my car out of the shop. It will be the 5th time in 2 weeks. I broke down last week, the day after getting it out of the shop the 2nd time, while leaving a gig. It was sad but it could have been so much worse! The job was completed, it was daylight, and I was in a safe place. I am getting a new car soon and that will be an exciting day!


Then tonight I walked into the house then realized that I left my phone in the car. When I go back tot the car to get it the screen is shattered into many little pieces. It fell into the door jam and got smashed when I closed the door. Well Lord you knew I wanted a new phone! This week I will be the proud owner of an iPhone 4. My plan was to upgrade from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 but the plan did not include breaking anything. God has a sense of humor and so do I.


In happier news I have been woking a lot! Summer is a busy time for promotional events. There are more mall programs and summer tours and everything else! As I told you in the last post July and August are already filling up as well. I am starting to turn down jobs due to schedule conflicts. That is a very good problem to have!


Thanks for reading about my problems and their positive outcomes! There is good to be found in all things you just have to look for it :)

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