Quick Updo with Natural Hair


bobby pins (I only used 4)

an elastic hair tie


water(if your hair is not already wet or damp)



  1. Make a side part
  2. put aside a chunk of hair from the top front of your head. put the rest of the hair in a ponytail holder.
  3. make a loop with the hair from the pony tail then twist it up. there will be some lose ends
  4. start tucking the ends of the hair around the base of the pony tail
  5. from there take the loose hair from the front and lay it down toward the pony tail
  6. lift the looped ponytail in prder to mrap the hair from the front around the base
  7. lay the looped pony tail back aainst your head ten pin it down along with any loose ends
  8. Don't be discouraged if your finished style   does not look like mine. You never know what the finished look with be until you leave it damp under a scarf to set




  1. put aside a piece of hair from the side or back instead
  2. pin up hair without putting main section into pony tail holder

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