Oh to be socially responsible

Facebook brought the video above to my attention today. Print and film make it seem like women have to walk around scantily clad to be desirable. It is no wonder men, especially in this country, wield most of the power. We allow me strip us down then make us feel as if we are not smart, capapable, or experienced enough to do their jobs. 



Know that when you see performers and celebrities in magazines and in movies they are heavily made up. In many cases they are digitally altered. Soemtimes images can be distorted by simple lighting techniques. Please know that if you admire any work I have done it is full of heavy makeup, lighting tricks, and photoshop! Art is fun and it can be a creative form of self-expression but it is important to remember that what you are seeing is art.

This showed up on my Facebook news feed a few weeks ago. My first thought: Wow, is this what we are teaching our children. What do you think?


Climbing off my soap box now...

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