Getting in the groove

It's day 7 of the Philly Auto Show. Actually day 7 or 6:


1 training day + 1 press day + 5 public show days = 7


The job is not hard but it is difficult getting into a routine, on top of standing all day. The Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta, especially the August show, is the single most difficult tradeshow I work every year. The days are 8-10 hours long for 3 consecutive days. The show is extremely, consistently busy and loud. Then one night during the show the company I represent has a semi-mandatory team dinner that goes into the night. The 1st show day is the hardest. The 2nd is hard but not as much as the first. By the 3rd day it feels like you can do it forever.


Getting back to the Philly Auto show, it's day 7 and I feel like I can do it forever. This is the first time I had the energy to come home then get on the computer. This is a real milestone for that reason alone! These next 4 days are going to breeze by!


February 17-28 I am excited to say that I will be traveling back to Atlanta for the Bronner Brothers Hair Show plus one other smaller show. My poor agent probably forgot how I look in person. In addition to business I will be enjoying some time with family and friends. Can't wait!



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