Look alikes all over!

Last week my faux-twin Lenore came to Philly to work with me. We had a great time. Counting how many people per day asked if we were twins or sisters became a running joke. We do not think we look alike, which makes it even funnier.


This week I was in Baltimore, just getting back this afternoon. It was my first truly technical show. From doing mostly medical and auto shows recently something so industry specific presented a lot to learn. Despite the newness of the subject matter the most interesting part of the show was talking to attendees and other exhibitors.


A nearby booth even features a celebrity look alike. Do you think he resembles John Kerry? Mr. John Kerry look alike said he really had problems with the resemblance when he lived in Washington DC during a time when Kerry was running for public office.


Then there were the men in the coats. I salute you gentleman for taking the plunge and bringing back a Tommy Hilfiger signature. Oh and thanks for the entertainment :)


For some unknown reason I agreed to work outside for the rest of the weekend. Ok, here's the truth. I did not know the job was outside. If I had known it was outside I would have agreed anyway. My strategy for making it through the blazing hot weekend(especially the 12-hr day) is a chia seed drink concoction, sunblock, sunglasses...and many prayers!


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