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Shooting with A. Olay in Miami
Running from the waves
Shooting with A. Olay in Miami
Something was really funny!

Above are some outakes from the Miami beach shoot, hehe. This is the second blog post this week but if you know what is good for you, you won't get used to it!


Soon this website will get a complete overhaul! Until then there are already a few changes. If you get a chance please look at the new Friends and Behind the Scenes pages. There is a Resume section in the works too. 


The weather is getting warmer in the Northeast! Yay for dresses and tans! Tanned skin just makes you look more toned and healthy. The last week of April, then going into May, I have the week off. If I take a vacation- it looks like it will either be to Montgomery, AL to see my cousins or back to Miami (it was hard to leave!). Stay tuned ;)


Thanks for peaking in! Catch you later!

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