Update from the clouds

Hello from high in the sky somewhere between Baltimore and California. One of the best things about flying is the view from the air. It makes you realize how much more out the world is out there. You may notice that I post a lot of pictures of clouds. I just find them so beautiful! An ariel view of the mountains is inspiring in its own right too.
This is a workation. Last trip to California, first time ever,  was mostly work and only little play. This time I am landing a few days before work begins. Last time I conquered In-N-Out Burger…and that's about it! This time the plan is to hit downtown LA, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, a ferry ride San Diego, and hopefully a yoga class on the beach…maybe a few runs on the beach too.
Staying on the road makes it a challenge to meet up with service projects. That just means I need to chase them on the road, right? Stay tuned to see how that goes.
I have rather big news…. after 3 years of linear braces I am finally free! The Wonderful staff at Appel Orthodontics in Philadelphia took really great care of me during that time. It was somewhat sad to have the braces removed. They were a part of me for so long that I do not quite know who I am without them. The person staring back in the mirror is unfamiliar.
In other news I am currently taking one college class. Add another to that and I will be the humble owner of a Bachelor's in Business Management. That has also been a long time coming!
Baltimore has its claws in me until December, maybe beyond. More than likely I will stay through the Spring of 2014. From there I think it is a good idea to visit NYC and LA for a while. Lenore has been talking about going to LA forever, it seems, Maybe we will end up together.
In high school I studied French, some in college too. In college I also started studying Spanish. Despite having the complete Rosetta Stone series for Spanish I am still not fluent. Can you imagine? In all fairness I do not use the program much and have only made it as far as level 2 on disk 1 of 5. To expedite the process I have to idea to visit a Spanish speaking country for a while. My mom thinks visiting South America is a bad idea. Although she may be right she never likes my ideas. It is an option I am casually exploring. When you visit another country for a length of time what do you do? A friend gave me a few books to help answer this question.
Finally getting a stamp on my passport is a post-Baltimore plan. In the interim I want to go to Puerto Rico. Seems like it will make a good trial run into hispanic submersion, right? I have the plane ticket already, I just need the time to go and a travel buddy. 
This post got a little long. OOPS!

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