Chasing the Sun

After landing in LA yesterday I drove straight to San Diego. On the way I was so hungry that I stopped in Long Beach at In-N-Out Burger. The traffic was bad but the scenery was nice and it was nice for the speed limit to be 65 mph!


Choosing a hotel was tricky because there were so many options! I ended up at a very nice Courtyard Marriott.


This morning I planned to head to the beach to watch the sunrise. Siri said the sun would rise around 6:30am. I hope to make it tomorrow! Being on the west coast means you can watch the sun set into the ocean but it will rise behind? I will have to adjust to this. Although I was looking for the sun in the wrong place it was so overcast that I did not see the sun at all!


I did accomplish something today, I not only made it to the beach but I went for a run! Trying to move on sand is extra resistance. I enjoyed the walking more than the running, but it was a fun morning at the beach.


San Diego is so much fun that I decided to stay an extra night before heading back to LA. Tomorrow I am going to try to chase the sunrise again, take a ferry ride, and check out the sunset too!

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