2013 Late Fall Projects

Swiss Embassy 

Early last week I was invited to a lecture at the Swiss Ambassador's residence put on by Harvard Business School. The speaker was a professor of Harvard named Francesca Gino who wrote a book called Sidetracked. The book focuses on decision making. This is very relevant to those of us who work in entertainment because we work gigs not jobs. That means we have to decide wether or not to take a gig more often than the average person considers a job offer. To illustrate a scenario the professor showed a video that made the crowd roar with laughter. Here it is:

Photoshoot in NYC

Just a few short weeks ago I set a goal to finally do a photoshoot in NYC by January 2014. Remember how I was going back to Georgia to get new shots taken. How silly to travel across the country to a smaller market when the best of the best are in my backyard in the City That Never Sleeps! My good buddy Nikiya hooked me up with a student named Fabiana at Makeup Forever Academy. She is as Fabulous as her name and looks like she should be in front of the camera instead of behind it. Shooting with her was a great experience and I look forward to seeing her again! XOXO   

New Video

Also last week I was part of a videoshoot outside of Philadelphia. The drive through the mountains with show in the valleys was gloriously picturesque. The job ended up being something that I never would have participated in if I had known the focus of the projects. People often ask about certain jobs I am doing in the future. I usually tell them that I will not know until getting on set.

New Agency

From the video project I have a new relationship with an agency in PA. This is the first time I have even talked to an agency in that state, despite being in that area for 5 years. PA is a smaller market but they seem to get some king of showroom, feature films are regularly made there and QVC is there.



For the new year I am working on putting together a big photoshoot. It will involve a horse, a male model, plus me. We have wardrobe and hair locked in already. Now we need a photographer and a makeup artist. The project will shoot in GA. I made a document that shows places at the chosen location that will shoot well; then another document that has the collection of looks. Now a storyboard needs to be created.

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