Going green with dried soup (Healthy Hotel Room Recipes) 


  • thermos
  • water immersion heater
  • water glass from hotel bathroom (Presentation is key!)
  • spoon/ fork


  • Soup mix
  • water
  • raw spinach

Are you a soup lover? Not getting enough nutrients from food when you travel? Do you order burgers and fries when you eat out and not salads? 

In this edition of Healthy Hotel Room Recipes you can eat well and for cheaper than usual. This week at Whole Foods single serve dry soups are 2 for $3! Dr. McDougall's brand has some great high fiber flavors and is one of my favorite brands. All you need is hot water or a microwave and the soup is ready in about 5 minutes. All the varieties I have seen are vegetarian or vegan. And they are so good!


My biggest problem eating on the road is eating vegetables! Making your own meals allows you to add whatever you want. Organic spinach is my go-to. It is typically only $1.99/bag at Whole Foods. Lay a bed of spinach in a cup or bowl to give your soup a healthy boost. A bed of spinach on a plate turns quinoa or brown rice pilaf into a colorful, delicious, and nutritious** meal; you won't even need salad dressing.


You can either travel with meal ingredients or visit a grocery store when you get to your destination. When traveling to less metropolitan cities (i.e. those in upstate NY) I tend to take whatever I will need to cook because grocery stores tend to be far from the hotel, I usually don't have a rental car, the selection at stores in these areas is smaller, and there are typically few organic or preservative free options. When traveling with food I put heavy durable items (apples and oranges) and my checked luggage and lightweight fragile items (dry soup in paper cups) in my carryon luggage.


**If sodium is a concern for you, consider adding more water or getting a soup labeled "low sodium". Some dry soups or rice dishes in a cup contain a flavor packet; in that case you can add less flavoring to reduce the sodium content.

If you try this leave a comment below about your experience. Did you like it? Would you do it again?

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    Bryn (Friday, 27 February 2015 10:14)

    Wow this was very well put and well written. So creative! Here I'm only eating the soups...lol. Now I can spice it up..thanks for the idea!

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    Heide Chestnut (Monday, 06 February 2017 08:42)

    Very nice article, just what I needed.