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Photo by Dave Moser
Photo by Dave Moser
Last week I used this photo for a submission for the first time. Dave Moser shot this for me in February and I finally selected edits last month! 
Shooting on location
Shooting on location
I got the gig! We shot for 2 days in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I had an Amish donught and passed a horse and buggy on the way home. It was an authentic experience. The cast came from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For once my drive was shorter that most everyone else’s. Cindy, part of the client/crew, also wears a size 12 shoe and she was very excited that Laura from wardrobe found some 12s at Nordstrom for me! Laura hooked up everyone’s wardrobe. She did so well that I didn’t want to give it back, especially the Sam Edelman shoes and the blouse.

You never know what you are going to get on each shoot. I was immediately calmed to see my brother from another mother/same agency on the call sheet! Daniel and I worked together on House of Cards and another project over the years. He is now my video and print husband. BOOK US!
We have kids too. Book all of us! Layla, Hilkiah, and Mila(baby not pictured) were fun to play with. They are part of our TV family now.
On set with Daniel and Layla
On set with Daniel and Layla
I am excited to share the finished product with you. Stay tuned.

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  • #1

    Janice (Monday, 09 September 2019 07:50)

    Very nice photos. Good job!!’

  • #2

    Ina F. (Monday, 09 September 2019 08:31)

    Amazing project ! You are talented and beautiful! Your show business family is also beautiful and I hope you get to work together again! I would love that and support it fully:))

  • #3

    Meaghan M. (Monday, 09 September 2019 18:49)

    YES D!!!! You’re so beautiful and you work so hard to take the perfect shot to get the job and you DID!! very proud and inspired by you:)

  • #4

    Robin (Monday, 09 September 2019 19:28)

    You're so beautiful inside and out. May God always bless and protect you, and may His Favor continue to overflow in your life. �