16. July 2018
Dear Aunt Dee, I am interested in modeling during college and I know you did the same thing. Do you have any advice about finding a reputable agency that will be flexible with my school schedule? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Dear Bring it On, Know where you fit into the industry and in your market. Each market has certain types of jobs common to that area. Your look and body type will determine the type of work that best suits your look and abilities. When people spin you lies or tell you...
23. January 2017
What a wonderfully busy month this has been so far! First gig of the year was to MC a presentation for Honda at CES. The video is posted above! We trained in LA a couple weeks before CES and that was very helpful. In Vegas I was not expecting packed house for every single presentation. It was incredible! Honda is developing some really cool technology and many people from all over the world wanted to hear about it. It was an honor to be able to present to the world, on behalf of Honda! Check...
27. February 2015
Tools: thermos water immersion heater water glass from hotel bathroom (Presentation is key!) spoon/ fork Ingredients: Soup mix water raw spinach
06. May 2014
Here is a video showing what I purchased at the Makeup Show NYC in 2014
23. December 2013
Swiss Embassy Early last week I was invited to a lecture at the Swiss Ambassador's residence put on by Harvard Business School. The speaker was a professor of Harvard named Francesca Gino who wrote a book called Sidetracked. The book focuses on decision making. This is very relevant to those of us who work in entertainment because we work gigs not jobs. That means we have to decide wether or not to take a gig more often than the average person considers a job offer. To illustrate a scenario the...
11. December 2013
It's been a while! I have been to Birmingham and San Francisco. Photos from San Francisco are below. I went to Alcatraz on Thanksgiving morning. Then in the evening a few of us went to Fisherman's Warf for dinner. Seals are agressive with each other and they abrk like dogs. Check out the video!
31. October 2013
The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride! I look a couple of introductory seminars; my agent invited me to a big audition; I reestablished a Facebook fan page! Those are only the new developments. The pre-existing elements are still there: other work, school, family, auto show preparation. It is hard to chose between getting things done and sleeping at night... Since January I have been working on a long term promotion for a major brand. It comes with a time obligation and direct...
04. October 2013
My friend made this video for me to find. She does not know I am posting it. You had beter not tell her either! Hehe
27. September 2013
20. September 2013
After landing in LA yesterday I drove straight to San Diego. On the way I was so hungry that I stopped in Long Beach at In-N-Out Burger. The traffic was bad but the scenery was nice and it was nice for the speed limit to be 65 mph! Choosing a hotel was tricky because there were so many options! I ended up at a very nice Courtyard Marriott. This morning I planned to head to the beach to watch the sunrise. Siri said the sun would rise around 6:30am. I hope to make it tomorrow! Being on the west...

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