21. October 2021
Mark Lee is a blast from way back in the past. I left Atlanta in 2009 and we worked together before then. Mark was in my area and we decided to shoot near the Philadelphia Museum on Art. After that I found out that the bridal show I was doing the same day was also near the art museum. We ended up shooting around the back of the art museum and taking a couple steps over to the Fairmount Water Works. We only had a little time together and I only brought one outfit to shoot. I think it turned out...
02. November 2019
A cinematic looking photoshoot with Mark Lee in Washington DC
28. October 2019
On set for Nuna billboard shoot in Lancaster PA
Check me out in Times Square!
14. October 2019
Last week I was released from holds on 2 big jobs. I live a charmed life and it is good, although not good feeling, to be knocked down to the ground every now and then.
12. October 2019
Last week was fun and I mostly can’t talk about those projects yet. Here is a commercial from Crossroads Hospice that many of you have seen on TV already. They have a wonderful approach to end of life care and this commercial tells the story. It was a blesssing to work for a company who is so dedicated to the joy of their customers. This was the best chocolate cake I ever had. If you are near the Philadelphia area stop by The Bakery House, 604 W Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 Cast...
30. September 2019
It’s been a busy time and I have been enjoying each project. We skipped a week so let’s pick up where we left off. I visited NYC for a workshop on the topic of finance for actors. Saudia joined me too! We heard about survival jobs, stock trading and contract negotiations. I am very passionate about general financial education and making the dollars work as an entertainer. Coach Melrob heads it up so look her up if you want in on the next one. FYI, it is offered as a digital recording too if...
17. September 2019
Visit Philly was a special shoot for me because all the models were from my agency, Expressions Models and Talent. I met them all for the first time on this shoot. A few of them knew each other already. It was fun to work with and get to know them. It’s like going to a family reunion and getting to know cousins you did not know you had. If a casting director staffs a project then talent usually comes from multiple agencies. These are the types of shoots I do most often.
09. August 2019
Last week I used this photo for a submission for the first time. Dave Moser shot this for me in February and I finally selected edits last month!
16. July 2018
Dear Aunt Dee, I am interested in modeling during college and I know you did the same thing. Do you have any advice about finding a reputable agency that will be flexible with my school schedule? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Dear Bring it On, Know where you fit into the industry and in your market. Each market has certain types of jobs common to that area. Your look and body type will determine the type of work that best suits your look and abilities. When people spin you lies or tell you...
23. January 2017
What a wonderfully busy month this has been so far! First gig of the year was to MC a presentation for Honda at CES. The video is posted above! We trained in LA a couple weeks before CES and that was very helpful. In Vegas I was not expecting packed house for every single presentation. It was incredible! Honda is developing some really cool technology and many people from all over the world wanted to hear about it. It was an honor to be able to present to the world, on behalf of Honda! Check...

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