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27. February 2015
Tools: thermos water immersion heater water glass from hotel bathroom (Presentation is key!) spoon/ fork Ingredients: Soup mix water raw spinach
15. May 2013
The Makeup Show in NYC was great! I was rolling 5 deep, haha. I invited my mom; my mom invited 3 people and she sponsored Lenore to come too. It is nice to have family; thanks mom! Lenore LOVES make up, if you did not know. We all had a great time. I spent too much money but that is to be expected. Soon I will be posting about my purchases. The Makeup Show is doing a pop shop later this year in NYC. I hope to make it to that too!
08. July 2012
It was another hot one this week. Last time it was KIA that cooked me like a chicken; this weekend Fiat was the culprit. Since there were quite a few of us for this program the manager was gracious enough to let us rotate every hour so that each person was not outside for more than 1 hour at a time. Thanks Jen! In a sense this program was a dream: there was only 1- 100 degree day, and for part of that day we got rained out and left early.
05. July 2012
Today is the 4th of July. Special thank you to all the service men and women who allow us in the country to know freedon. Earlier this month I adopted a soilder. He is stationed in Afghanastan. I send him emails and post cards. Soon I would like to send him a care package but I am not sure what to put in it. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below. If anyone is interested in adopting a solider the organization I used is called Adopt A US Solider...
20. June 2012
Steve Greer Photography
Had a great time working in Washington DC two weeks ago. While there I even picked up an extra booking. That is always good! Last week I only worked 1 day, which means I am very well rested. This week I am back in one of my favorite cities working with one of my favorite people. You will have to wait for the next post to hear about it! In all this downtime I have been catching up on paperwork and trying to trick myself into getting back on track with workouts and healthy eating. My latest trick...
12. January 2012
Here are some of my favorite stay slim tips. Enjoy! Don't drink your calories while you eat your calories. One cup of OJ has 121 calories. One can of Coke has 143 calories. A drink with a meal adds calories that you never even think to count. And don't forget about refills. Drink water or unsweetened tea with meals instead. Leave the caloried, flavored drinks for snacks. Rely on measurments for progress not the weight scale. Water weight can shift dramatically from day to day, especially for...