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The Makeup Show

Here is a video showing what I purchased at the Makeup Show NYC in 2014


Hot bun

Who new Fiats were so fun!
Who new Fiats were so fun!

It was another hot one this week. Last time it was KIA that cooked me like a chicken; this weekend Fiat was the culprit. Since there were quite a few of us for this program the manager was gracious enough to let us rotate every hour so that each person was not outside for more than 1 hour at a time. Thanks Jen! In a sense this program was a dream: there was only 1- 100 degree day, and for part of that day we got rained out and left early.


curly and air-dryed
curly and air-dryed

You may remember my elation at seeing that my hair grew back to the point where it was completely curly again. Wearing natural hair in the summer is great because, between sweating in the sun and swimming at the pool/beach, hair needs to be washed more often in warmer months. Some events are laid back but certain agencies and clients can be very particular. Often times I feel badly for wearing my hair naturally curly to a job. I way wear it down, in a pony tail, or (if it is an outdoor event) in a bun.


A few weeks ago I worked directly for a client through a tradeshow. This means that the client contacted me, we negotiated a rate and no agency was involved in any way. On one of the days of the show I asked the client if he minded if I washed my hair that evening and returned with it naturally curly the next day. The event was a tradeshow, which is typically a very conservative environment. Whatever the client's response I decided wearing naturally curly hair to the show was not a good idea. The client old me the next day that is really was ok. I felt more comfortable not taking the chance.


This issue raises so many questions for me. Is curly hair accepted in the corporate world? Is straight hair better that curly hair? If you market yourself with straight hair, in photos, are you obligated to be onsite with straight hair? If you have any thoughts on the matter please leave them in the comments section below.


It is week 4. Are you wondering what I am giving up this week? Today pizza is added to ice cream, cake, and beverages with calories. Living in New Jersey with amazing pizza, this is really a tough one. I would also like to confess that I had a milkshake this weekend. Short on time, it was a quick way to consume a lot of calories; it definitely helped me keep my energy up in the blistering sun. I would also like to confess that although I brought a workout DVD to Grandmas it never left the suitcase.


Vlog intro


Quick Updo with Natural Hair


bobby pins (I only used 4)

an elastic hair tie


water(if your hair is not already wet or damp)



  1. Make a side part
  2. put aside a chunk of hair from the top front of your head. put the rest of the hair in a ponytail holder.
  3. make a loop with the hair from the pony tail then twist it up. there will be some lose ends
  4. start tucking the ends of the hair around the base of the pony tail
  5. from there take the loose hair from the front and lay it down toward the pony tail
  6. lift the looped ponytail in prder to mrap the hair from the front around the base
  7. lay the looped pony tail back aainst your head ten pin it down along with any loose ends
  8. Don't be discouraged if your finished style   does not look like mine. You never know what the finished look with be until you leave it damp under a scarf to set




  1. put aside a piece of hair from the side or back instead
  2. pin up hair without putting main section into pony tail holder


Getting packages is always great! I got a cd of images in the mail today from Elements of Photography in Montgomery, AL. It was a throwback from last summer when I visited my cousins. It is funny because you can tell that my hair was longer then. That's ok because it is healthier now... I hope :)


Sunday is Mother's Day. My mom does not celebrate, instead says it is just another day. My grandma, however, celebrates everything so we are going to hang out tomorrow. I am going to wear a pair of earrings that Mishka gave me at last week's shoot. Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.


Next week I travel for another hair show =)




WEN part 1