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Going green with dried soup (Healthy Hotel Room Recipes) 


  • thermos
  • water immersion heater
  • water glass from hotel bathroom (Presentation is key!)
  • spoon/ fork


  • Soup mix
  • water
  • raw spinach

Are you a soup lover? Not getting enough nutrients from food when you travel? Do you order burgers and fries when you eat out and not salads? 

In this edition of Healthy Hotel Room Recipes you can eat well and for cheaper than usual. This week at Whole Foods single serve dry soups are 2 for $3! Dr. McDougall's brand has some great high fiber flavors and is one of my favorite brands. All you need is hot water or a microwave and the soup is ready in about 5 minutes. All the varieties I have seen are vegetarian or vegan. And they are so good!


My biggest problem eating on the road is eating vegetables! Making your own meals allows you to add whatever you want. Organic spinach is my go-to. It is typically only $1.99/bag at Whole Foods. Lay a bed of spinach in a cup or bowl to give your soup a healthy boost. A bed of spinach on a plate turns quinoa or brown rice pilaf into a colorful, delicious, and nutritious** meal; you won't even need salad dressing.


You can either travel with meal ingredients or visit a grocery store when you get to your destination. When traveling to less metropolitan cities (i.e. those in upstate NY) I tend to take whatever I will need to cook because grocery stores tend to be far from the hotel, I usually don't have a rental car, the selection at stores in these areas is smaller, and there are typically few organic or preservative free options. When traveling with food I put heavy durable items (apples and oranges) and my checked luggage and lightweight fragile items (dry soup in paper cups) in my carryon luggage.


**If sodium is a concern for you, consider adding more water or getting a soup labeled "low sodium". Some dry soups or rice dishes in a cup contain a flavor packet; in that case you can add less flavoring to reduce the sodium content.

If you try this leave a comment below about your experience. Did you like it? Would you do it again?


California we love you!


NY, NJ...I can't stay away!

Lenore and me with celeb mua AJ Crimson
Lenore and me with celeb mua AJ Crimson

The Makeup Show in NYC was great! I was rolling 5 deep, haha. I invited my mom; my mom invited 3 people and she sponsored Lenore to come too. It is nice to have family; thanks mom! Lenore LOVES make up, if you did not know. We all had a great time. I spent too much money but that is to be expected. Soon I will be posting about my purchases. The Makeup Show is doing a pop shop later this year in NYC. I hope to make it to that too!


Then last weekend I was in Newark, NJ representing Toyota at a few Alvin Ailey performances. It was convenient to be in that area, near my mom and grandma, for Mother's Day. A couple of my friends were in Newark working, Richard and Ubong, then you know I made new friends too! The venue had a great restaurant called Nico Kitchen and Bar. They really took care of me! The peach souffle and the spinach and beet salad, with what liked like albino beets, were my favorites! The manager's name is Sherif. If you go tell him I sent you! Look for Arian, one of the bartenders, too. He deliveres service with a smile...will keep you laughing too.


Team Toyota!
Team Toyota!

It looks like I will be working in Baltimore through the end of the month. Which is great because being home means I get to use my new NutriBullet! Allison was raving about juicing and it is something I have been thinking about for a while. Hopefully it is feasable to travel with it; since a traveling case it an available accessory I am hopeful!


Next week I am going to sneak away to NYC for a few days. I am really excited about that! Any trip to NYC is a chance to go to Schnippers...and Lord knows I love some Schnippers!



Happy 4th of July!

Today is the 4th of July. Special thank you to all the service men and women who allow us in the country to know freedon. Earlier this month I adopted a soilder. He is stationed in Afghanastan. I send him emails and post cards. Soon I would like to send him a care package but I am not sure what to put in it. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below. If anyone is interested in adopting a solider the organization I used is called Adopt A US Solider

I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday.


In the last post I forgot to update you on my healthy eating and loss of inches. It's been 3 weeks since I began accumulating a contraband list. On Sunday I added caloried drinks(excluding fruit juice), to cake and ice cream. With this 100 degree heat it has been so hard to stay away from ice cream!


I have not started recording my measurments so any progress is pure speculation. Exercising is still a challenge. Working 6 days last week did not leave much time for exercise but I do not have that same excuse this week. I am going to take a trip to my Grandma's house for the weekend and will be sure to pack at least 1 workout DVD.  



Bikini Dance

Had a great time working in Washington DC two weeks ago. While there I even picked up an extra booking. That is always good! Last week I only worked 1 day, which means I am very well rested. This week I am back in one of my favorite cities working with one of my favorite people. You will have to wait for the next post to hear about it!


In all this downtime I have been catching up on paperwork and trying to trick myself into getting back on track with workouts and healthy eating. My latest trick is to workout at home in a new pretty bikini. It is a great compliment to the Julianne Hough DWTS workout I have been doing most recently. In addition to a silly wardrobe change I have changed my eating habits slightly. I will be giving up foods I have trouble consuming in moderation. First up is ice cream...and in just in time for summer. Lucky me! On Sunday, cake might be next to be added to the list. I have also started eating on saucers to encourage eating smaller portions more often. Two weeks ago I had a tooth pulled. Between learning how to chew again getting sick from the antibiotics it had been easy to keep the portions small.


It's about that time again. Time to get ready to go back to Atlanta. YAY! I am so glad that the Bronner Brothers Hair Show does not conflict with the Apparel Mart's market dates this year. When one ends the other begins. The timing is impeccable!


Enough of the boring stuff. Check out what showed up in my inbox today. Special thank you to Steve Greer Photography for inviting me to participate in this project. Thank you to Paul and Matthew, the male models. They were so patient with me and my hair, that kept blowing all over the place. Thanks guys! Enjoy!

Steve Greer Photography
Steve Greer Photography

It's May ALL Month!

May 2012 representing Everyday Health at a tradeshow in Philadelphia
May 2012 representing Everyday Health at a tradeshow in Philadelphia


-School is out

-Not taking summer classes

-Made list of new goals

-New 6 week Samsung program


Since getting back from NYC I took 2 weeks off to finish school for the semester. This second Monday in May marked my 3rd week back to work. The transition has been hard! Room needs to be cleaned, mounds of clean laundry need to be folded, invoices and contracts need to be sent to clients and agencies, need to follow up with some business contacts, and need to pack for NYC this weekend. Some of those are good problems :)


A couple weeks ago I went back to NYC for an audition for an auto maker. I found out today that I did not get the job. That's the way this business works; other opportunities will come. For the next 4 weeks I will be working on a marketing program for Samsung. This weekend I get to take a break from that to attend the The Makeup Show NYC 2012 on behalf of the Cosmetology Network. The chance to do something new is exciting, and it is always great to have an excuse to go back to NYC. Stay tuned for pictures and maybe a little video or two.


After school ended I had all this free time and no idea what to do with it. That lead to making a new list of goals. I won't share all my secrets but a few of the items from the list are:

-continuing to learn Spanish

-read 1 book every week this summer

-exercise for 1 hour every day

-contact or visit one friend or family member every day to say 'hi'


Pandora and Spotify are helping me with the Spanish. Friends and family are happy to hear from me. My first book to read is Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Dr Daniel Amen. Reading it has already carried into week 2 and exercising is a real struggle but this is going to be a productive summer! I have PLANS and STRATEGIES!




My stay slim secrets...shhh

Here are some of my favorite stay slim tips. Enjoy! 

  1. Don't drink your calories while you eat your calories. One cup of OJ has 121 calories. One can of Coke has 143 calories. A drink with a meal adds calories that you never even think to count. And don't forget about refills. Drink water or unsweetened tea with meals instead. Leave the caloried, flavored drinks for snacks.
  2. Rely on measurments for progress not the weight scale. Water weight can shift dramatically from day to day, especially for women. Weight may lie but measurments tell the truth. There are many charts and formulas to keep track of all the numbers. My favorite can be found here. It also comes in men's and metric varities.
  3. Park far from the door (when it's safe) and walk the long way. All the little movements throughout the day burn calories. Give yourself a jumpstart on calorie burning taking more steps througout the day.
  4. Eat 4 or more smaller meals from a dessert plate. Eating on a big dinner plate make it feel as if you will not be satisfied unless you cover the entire surface with food. Who wants to see white space on a plate?  Eating smaller meals more often raises your metabolism.
  5. Treat yourself in small portions. Order a small order of french fries instead of a medium or 1 scoop of ice cream instead of 2. You gain the most satisfaction from the first few bites of any given food. Use it to your advantage. By the time you get to that 2nd scoop of ice cream it does not taste as good as the first so forget about it!.
  6. Keep a food and exercise journal. Lucky for us everything is digital now. Writing down what you eat AND DRINK(see tip #1) lets you see how many calories you are consuming and if your meals are balanced.
  7. Give up 1 bad thing per week and let the contraband list grow instead of going cold turkey. In high school a teacher challenged(for extra credit) us to give up 1 kind of junk food each week until it was completely eliminated from our diets. That approach is much easier than giving up everything at once. Once it is all gone you can treat yourslf with small portions(see #5).
  8. Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Smartones- great low calorie meal options. These are my favorite weight loss secret. The are portion controlled. You know exactly what is in them. They taste great. Beware of a high sodium content if you have high blood pressure. The come in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!
  9. Only eat out when you have to. When you are home and feel like eating out go to the grocery store instead of to a restaurant. You can either get a prepared meal out of the freezer section or get a plate from the in-store buffett, if one exists.